Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a British lingerie brand founded in 1994 by Joseph Corré, the son of famous designer Vivienne Westwood, and Serena Rees. Today the company is internationally with stores in 13 countries, including Russia, Dubai and Hong Kong. The brand is known for its colourful, modern and sexy lingerie. The name, Agent Provocateur, is a French concept for a person who self-implements or persuades other people to implement something that morally doubtful. This playful atmosphere can be found in the brand's products. The company has also become known for its provocative videos. In 2001, the company released a controversial video where Kylie Minogue was spotted riding on a bull in Velvet, dressed in the brand's underwear.

In 2000, the first perfume, named Agent Provocateur, was released. The perfume smells of rose, musk and Saffransblomma. Since then, the brand has launched a number of perfumes, all aimed at women. All bottles are classic and stylish, with different shades of pink. In 2014 the first perfume was launched in a collection named Fatale . The main perfume of the same name smells chocolate, vanilla orchid and blackcurrant. In 2016 the fragrance Pure Aphrodisiaque was launched that smells of pear, vanilla orchid and tuberose. A year later, another perfume was launched in the same collection. The perfume was called Aphrodisiaque and scents of honey, resin and vanilla orchid.

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