"Flood your skin with the same stem cells signals that restored your skin as a child"

AnteAGE was founded by John Sanderson, MD and George E. Taylor, MD, based on their world-leading stem cell research. the products are based on cytokines from stem cells. Cytokines are proteins that act as signal molecules between cells. Among other things, they can regulate inflammation and affect tissue healing, renewal and structure. AnteAGE's Products counteracts so-called "inflammaging", an invisible chronic inflammation that gives rise to our aging. They are formulated with the right composition of cytokines to relieve inflammation and help the skin's renewal, for the skin to appear as new and young again. In addition to Stamcellscytokiner, AnteAGE's products also contain a large amount of skin care's most effective ingredients and only a very small amount of "unnecessary additives".

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AnteAGE Serum

AnteAGE Serum

: Restore the skin's ability to heal itself with this regenerating serum from AnteAGE ®. This elegant serum is rapidly absorbed into the skin and uses nano-technology to deliver a powerhouse of physio..