Baldessarini is a German brand. The company was founded in 1993 by Werner Baldessarini, an Austrian with a background in the German fashion company Hugo Boss. Werner Baldessarini was strongly influenced by some aesthetics during his time with Hugo Boss, and took it with him even when he started his own brand. This aesthetic involves a masculine elegance that permeates all products. Masculine elegance means a masculine, somewhat coarse man who still chooses to nurture and take care of his appearance, and has a sense of style. The brand showed its first real fashion collection in 1994.

The first two perfumes were launched in 2007. They were called Ambré and Del Mar Caribbean. Ambré Scents of amber, apple and leather while Del Mar Caribbean scents of blackcurrant, sage and lime. In 2017, an updated version of Ambré was launched by the name of Ambre Oud, with the scent of örnträd, amber and whiskey. In 2017 the perfume Baldessarini Cool Force was launched with the scent of sea water, lime and neroliblomma. The following year, 2018, Baldessarini Cool Force Sport was launched with the scent of neroliblomma, Mandarin and pear. In 2009, the perfume was released strictly Private with the scent of vanilla, amber and rose. The perfume bottle to strictly Private resembles a safe to form and look. All perfumes in the range are aimed at men.

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