Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter is an American singer, dancer, actress and entrepreneur. It's hard to find a person today who has never heard her songs or at least heard about her. The success that Beyoncé has reached today is difficult to measure, with clothes and perfumes bearing her name and with Coachella 2018 in the vernacular renamed to Beychella. The singer's career began at the end of the 90 century as part of the trio Destiny's Child and has only grown since then. Something that distinguishes her career in recent years is the way she celebrates her skin tone and as a black woman uses her influence to celebrate her culture.

In 2010, she launches her first fragrance named Heat, and has since released dozens of perfumes. Like the singer herself, the perfumes are vibrant, luxurious, hot and sexy. They can be described in one word: seductive. Wearing one of Beyoncé 's perfumes inspires a self-confident and flirty without its like. Heat scents of peach, almond and amber, pulse from 2011 smells of Curaçao, vanilla and lime while Rise from 2014 smells of apricot, cashmere and orchid. The perfume bottles are always as beautiful, with dynamic shapes and radiant, eye-catching colors.

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