Boucheron is a French company that manufactures jewellery and watches. The original store is located in Paris. The company was founded by Frederic Boucheron in 1858. The foundation was marked by the opening of his very first store in Paris. In 1866 he created his own studio and won the year after a gold medal at the World Exhibition in Paris. During his lifetime, Boucheron made jewellery for a number of royalty, including the Russian Prince Felix Youssoupoff in 1878 and Queen Elizabeth II on several occasions. Today, the company Boucheron 34 stores internationally. In addition to the stores, they also run a thriving e-commerce via their web site.

In 1988, the first perfume, Boucheron, was launched, directed to women. Boucheron Scents of tuberose, Amber and Yiang-Yiang. The company has since launched a large number of perfumes, mainly aimed at women but also a few directed to men. Initial from 2000 scents of pepper, leaves from black currant bush, and Honey, is directed to women and the bottle looks like an elegant gem. Jaipur from 1994 scents of peach, plum and apricot. An example of a perfume directed to men is Boucheron Quatre Pour Homme from 2015 which smells of jasmine, leaves from violet and cedar. Boucheron has also launched a uni-six collection from 2017 by the name of La Collection, where each perfume has a focus on a specific fragrance.

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