Burberry is a British brand that produces clothing and accessories. The brand has become known for the pattern they frequently use in their products, called Nova Check and is a sort of checkerboard pattern in beige, black, white and red. However, it took a while before this iconic fabric began to be used, the company was founded already in the year 1856 and the pattern appeared as feed in a trenchcoat first year 1924. Until the 1960 century, the pattern became more popular and began to be used as an exterior fabric in, among other things, umbrellas, bags and scarves. Having been less prominent in the fashion world for a long time, the brand was once again popular with celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and various hip-hop artists starting to wear Burberry garments.

The first fragrance under the brand Burberry was released in 1981, and was an aftershave named Bur Berrys for men. The fragrance is Oriental and Woody, with notes of lavender and mint, and pepper and leather. In 1991, two similar fragrances were released, the Society for men and the Society for women. Both perfumes smells of different kinds of flowers, including Lily of the Lilies, hyacinth and jasmine. The perfumes quickly became popular, which led to Burberry since then launched a steady stream of fragrant perfumes. The bottles are classic and stylish, and often dressed in the same fabric that made Burberry an iconic and classic brand.

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