Bvlgari is, despite the name, not Bulgarian but an Italian luxury brand that was founded already in the year 1884 in Rome. The founder was named Sotirio Bulgari and named the brand after itself. According to the Latin language, the letter "U" was written with a "V", hence the spelling. Bvlgari manufactures jewelry and beauty products and is characterized with an amazing luxury and glamour. It is today known worldwide and often worn by celebrities and models. Although the brand was founded so early, the first fragrance was not launched until the year 1997. It was then tried to create a perfume that would fit to the jewellery brand produced. The idea was that a fragrance and a beautiful piece of Bvlgari would complement each other perfectly and create a whole.

One perfume bottle from Bvlgari is like jewellery from there radiant and shiny beautiful. The content is at least as seductive. Eau Fraiche from 1997 scents of Mimosa plant, lime and iris. Black, a unisex fragrance from 1998, scents of leather, vanilla and green tea. BLV from 2000 scents fresh and crunchy of ginger, blue flower and musk. A Bvlgari perfume is a must for every perfume lover. They fit perfectly in the luxurious lifestyle, or for those who aspire to the same lifestyle. To smell Bvlgari is to smell of success.

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