Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera is a designer from Venezuela. She is known for her amazing personal style. She has also designed clothes for and styled several "First Ladies" in the United States, such as Michelle Obama and Melania Trump. Her creative style is elegant, timeless and classically feminine, with a splash of some innovation. Carolina Herrera's creations are for the classic beauty, the timelessly beautiful woman, as well as the designer's exquisite perfumes.

The first fragrance that Carolina Herrera launched came in 1988 and was named Carolina Herrera who smelled of Indian tuberose, jasmine and apricot. In 1997, what would become Herrera's most popular perfume, named 212, was launched. The perfume scented of musk, lily and orange blossom. The 212 is also packaged in a futuristic, oval shaped bottle in shiny metal. The perfume was a success and Herrera has since released some 20 variations. Among other things, 212 Sexy that smells pink pepper, vanilla and spun sugar and where the bottle is in a sensual pink color, as well as 212 NYC Body Spray that smells orange blossom, gardenia and Camellia where the oval bottle is replaced by the shape of a sprayfärgburk. Herrera has also released a collection by the name of Good Girl where the bottles are in the form of beautiful heel shoes in different colors. The main perfume Good Girl from 2016 scents Tonka bean, cocoa and tuberose.

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