Cartier is a French luxury brand. The company was originally a jeweler and was founded in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier. During the beginning of its history, they made jewellery and watches, and this is also what they have become known for. Cartier has even sold jewellery to various royalty over the years. For example, the years 1904 became the official supplier of the then British king. Today, the company has over 200 stores in 125 different countries worldwide. They design and manufacture jewellery and watches worn by celebrities and politicians all over the world. They have also expanded their range with leather products, pens and scarves, and of course perfumes.

In 1981 the first two perfumes were launched, one aimed at men and one aimed at women. Must de Cartier is directed to women and smells of amber, galbanum and vanilla. Santos de Cartier is directed to men and smells of sandalwood, pepper and lavender. Since then, Cartier has launched a large number of perfumes. Among other things, the collection so pretty where the main perfume so pretty from 1995 smells of Rose, blackberries and moss. Cartier has also launched a large number of uni-six perfumes. An example is Eau de Cartier from 2001 which smells of leaves of violet, yuzu and Violet.

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