Coty Incorporated is an international beauty brand. The brand was founded in 1904 by François Coty. François Coty was by company behavior an experienced perfumer and businessman. The company currently produces and sells perfumes, cosmetics, skin care products and hair care products. Coty has today become famous mainly for having been involved in creating signaturdofter for several celebrities. Including the world-renowned artists Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez. Cotys fragrances are simple, elegant and very easy to get stuck for.

The first perfume was already launched when the company was founded in 1904, and was named La Rose Jacqueminot. The perfume is very simple and smells only of rose. Already in 1925 the perfume was launched that would become a kind of signature for Coty, as it became popular. The perfume was called amaint and smells of aldehyde, Yiang-Yiang and Rose. In recent years, several updated versions have been launched, including Amaint Eternelle from 1987 and Amaint Caresse d ' Orchidee from 2006. amaint Eternelle smells only of flowers and amaint Caresse d ' Orchidee smells of orchid, vanilla and rose. All the aforementioned perfumes are directed to women but Coty has also launched a number of perfumes aimed at men. Among other Aspen For Men from 1989 with the scent of green foliage, balsam fir (and cedar, as well as the updated version Aspen Discovery from 2001 with the scent of citrus, lavender and musk.

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