Davidoff is a Swiss tobacco company that in addition to its tobacco manufactures accessories for cigars, cigarettes and other tobacco products. The company is based in Basel, Switzerland. The range of tobacco products is wide, for example cigars, cigarillos and pipe tobacco. The cigars are manufactured in the Dominican Republic and Honduras and the tobacco is collected from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Honduras and the United States. The company's name comes from the founder, Zino Davidoff who came from Russia. He ran a tobacco shop in Geneva, Switzerland from 1936 to 1994 and was widely known as the "King of the Cigars". The accessories that the company manufactures include Humidors, ashtrays, cases and pipes. Products from the brand Davidoff are known for their high quality and exclusivity.

The first perfume was launched in 1984, was named Davidoff, was directed to men and smelled of leather, moss and lime. Four years later, in 1988, the perfume was launched that would become the company's most famous perfume – Cool Water. Also Cool water is directed to men and smells of seawater, lavender and mint. Since the success of the original perfume, a number of versions have been released. In 1996, Cool Water was released to women, who smelled of melon, lotus and water lily. All Cool Water perfumes have blue bottles. Cool Water for women is fun enough in the form of a glass water bottle.

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