Skinroller - MTS Roller 0,5 mm

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Skinroller - MTS Roller 0,5 mm

MTS ' Roles for home use is primarily intended to improve the penetration of active ingredients to healthy skin. It is a competing product to the registered trademark Dermaroller. This type of product is often called colloquially also for skin roles or Skinroller.

0.3 mm is well suited for:

  • Restore the Skin
  • Improve alopecia (thinning), together with e.g. Minoxidil
  • Improve the delivery of active hudvårdsingredienser into the skin

0.5 mm is well suited for:

  • Use against pigment and brighten the skin (along with skin lightening cream)
  • Improve wrinkles around ögonon and smooth out fine lines
  • Reduce superficial scars (along with good skin care)
  • Stimulate collagen production (along with good skin care)

For deeper scars and wrinkles or stretch marks, longer needles are required which we are not able to offer at present.

Improves penetration of active ingredients

The healthier the skin you have, the harder it is for the active ingredients in skin care products to penetrate the skin. This is usually because healthier skin has a more compact horn layer and thicker absolutely. But even in the skin in worse condition, only a small amount of the ingredients actually penetrates the skin.
generally, only small parts (max 0.3%) of the active substances in cream, gel or lotion can penetrate the skin surface. This means that most active ingredients, 99.7%, are wasted without penetrating deep enough. The poor penetration of active ingredients is a natural physiological reaction of the skin, and is known by all experts.

If you want to get more out of your skin care and its ingredients, you need to overcome the epidermal barrier to enhance the effect of the active substances in the deeper layers of the skin. This is what you can do with the help of a MTS Roller.

Specs on MTS Roller

  • Total 200 needles, 8 rows of 25 needles per row
  • Needles, Swedish surgical stainless steel
  • MTS ' Roller is 100% free from impurities due to being sterilized with gamma rays and sealed in a hermetic bag.
  • All rollers have unique serial numbers for quality control.

Usage Guide

Step 1 Cleaning

Clean your face with a good facial cleanser. Rinse and dry dry. We then recommend that you disinfect your face with, for example, chlorhexidine that can be purchased at pharmacies.

Step 2 Use Hudrollern

Divide the treatment area into sub-areas and roll over one area at a time. such as forehead, nose, cheeks and jawbone, around the mouth, throat. Use an even pressure when scrolling the roller over the skin.

  1. Scroll lightly 10 times horizontally and Verikalt.
  2. Scroll diagonally in the same way over the same surface.

Step 3 Skin Care

We actually recommend that after the roll you once again disinfect your skin with chlorhexidine, then it's time for skin care. What skin care and active ingredients you choose depends on what you want to treat and accomplish. These various active ingredients are very popular

  • A Vitamin (retinol, tretinoin etc)-Wrinkles & fine lines, scars, stretch marks, pigments
  • Stamcellscytokiner-redness, discoloration, pigments, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks. See our products from AnteAGE.
  • Vitamin C-mainly stretch marks and pigments but also some effect on wrinkles, Scars & fine lines
  • Copper peptides-against scars, wrinkles, bristingar, pigments. Also against hair loss and thinning
  • Bio-Oil-popular against stretch marks
  • Minoxidil-against thinning, minoxidil is the active ingredient in Rogaine and other antithinning agents found in pharmacies

See related products Further down the Product tips page.

Step 4 Protect

Because the skin now has thousands of small holes in it, it will result in increased water loss from the skin. We recommend that you prevent this with a ointment with mineral oil (we know that many are against this, avoid it if you do not like it), eg. Locobase Repair (available in pharmacies) which also contains several skin identical essential lipids (fats) that helps to rebuild the epidermis and counteract dryness.

You are advised to avoid sun for 1 day afterwards. If you still need to stay in sunlight, use a good sunscreen.

Step 5 Clean

We previously sold MTS sterilization solution but we think it was unnecessarily expensive and recommend now instead chlorhexidine cutaneous solution that can be bought in pharmacies.

Our instructions for chlorhexidine: Pour out a little Klorhexidinlösning on a cotton pad and gently roll the roller over several times back and forth. Chlorhexidine can also be used to disinfect the skin before using the roller.

Instructions if you have purchased the MTS sterilisation solution earlier or in another store:

Open the cleaning washer and place the white cleaning pad in the larger part of the tray. Fill the cleaning tray with sterilization solution and roll your roller into the cushion with medium pressure. Leave MTS Roller in the cleaning solution for about 15 to 30 minutes-make sure the rulltrumman is constantly wet with the sterilization solution. After cleaning, rinse with tap water and put the roller back in the protective case and let it air dry. Then, turn on the cover until the next use.

Storage and handling

MTS Roller 0, 3mm should be replaced after approximately 70 use occasions while MTS roller 0, 5mm should be replaced after approximately 10-20 uses (this is a recommendation from the Clinical Resolution Laboratory, but we have themselves used a MTS roller many times more than 20).
If you lose your skin roles there is the risk that the needles have become dull or bent and you should replace your skin roles as soon as possible.

Do not share your skin roles with others and do not use the same roles in multiple patients.

Store in the protective case.

The polycarbonate that MTS Roller is made from will not be inferior to long term use or storage.

Side effects

You may experience redness or a little tired appearance in the face as a result of mild swelling and inflammation after treatment. This will slow down after a few hours to 2 days.


Do not use MTS ' roles on the following skin conditions:

Active acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, irritated skin, infected skin, fungal infections, actinic keratosis (sunkeratosis), skin cancer, elevated birthmarks, warts or open wounds.

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