Diesel is an Italian clothing brand that has mainly become famous for its jeans that are popular with celebrities such as Robbie Williams, but also for its surreal advertising campaigns. The founder is called Renzo Rosso, who in 1976 began working for the clothing company Moltex, and then used a loan from his father to buy a majority stake in the company which he then renamed Diesel. After this, he began producing and designing clothes himself through the already established production company. In 1985 he became the sole owner of the company. Although the brand's most popular clothes have been jeans, they produce several different kinds of clothing, including jackets, dresses and accessories. During the beginning of the 2000 century, the company began to collaborate with other companies to create different collections, including a line of perfumes launched in collaboration with the brand L'Oreal.

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The first fragrance was produced in collaboration with the company Marbert in 1996, a unisex fragrance that was dubbed Diesel, short and good. In 2006, the cooperation with L'Oreal began. The perfumes are aimed at young people, and are therefore mysterious, innovative and tough. Among other things, the brand of strange forms on the perfume bottles themselves, including the fists (The only for the Brave collection) and the Atomizers (Green collection), the "Only for the Brave" collection are characterized by strong aromas to Symbolize power, strength and courage with scents like cedar and coriander. "Green" is similar but with a bit more dull scents like lime and ginger, as well as hints of floral scents which gives a less prominent scent.

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