Christian Dior is a French fashion designer who is best known for having founded the fashion house Dior and for creating the iconic style "the New Look" that became popular in the 50 century. The fashion house Dior was founded in 1946 and quickly gained recognition in the fashion world, including creating waves with the New Look, which meant a tightened waist with a long, often wide skirt. The style quickly became popular with the world's rich and became synonymous with luxury and elegance, something that lasts even today. Dior's designer is seen as classic and elegant.

Dior early launched its first perfume, which was named Miss Dior, which referred to the same femininity that designer has been so appreciated for. Miss Dior smells of, among other things, Rose and Jasmine. The fashion house Dior has released several different perfume collections, including a named J ' adore that is named after the brand's slogan "J ' Adore Dior"-I adore Dior. The first J ' Adore the fragrance is released in 1999 and smells of various fruits like pear, peach and lime as well as flowers like Rose and freesia. The bottles ' design is beautiful and the same classic elegance that Dior has become famous for shining through here. The colors are in shimmering golden, pink and brown shades and the shapes of the bottles are simple but alluring.

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