Elie Saab

Elie Saab is a Lebanese fashion company founded and operated by a fashion designer at the same name. The native Elie Saab was born in 1964 in Beirut in Lebanon and quickly became interested in sewing as a child. He then developed into a full-fledged self-taught seamster and designer who founded the fashion house in her name in 1982. During the first period of the company, Saab focused on designing and manufacturing wedding dresses and gained some success in this, but the big breakthrough took place when actress Halle Berry wore one of her creations at the Oscars in 2002. Today, Elie Saab is a recognized part of the international fashion world.

In 2011, Le Parfumis launched, the first perfume from the fashion house. Le Parfum smells of bitter oranges flower, jasmine and white honey. The name means a short "perfume" in French and the bottle is beautiful in translucent glass reminiscent of crystal. Even the shape of the bottle is reminiscent of a gemstone, which is also the case in many of Elie Saab's other perfumes. Among other things, there are a number of variations on the original le parfum, such as the le parfum Resort Collection , which smells of frangipani, figs and jasmine or le parfum Eclat d'or , which smells of orange blossom, honey and citrus.

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