Escada is a German brand that produces luxury women's clothing as well as accessories such as shoes, handbags and perfumes. The company was founded in 1976 by Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley in Munich. The brand quickly became known for its unusual combinations of colors, pattern embroidery and tingling. Famous customers of Escada are, among others, Crown Princess Victoria, who regularly wears the products on solemn events.

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In 1990 the subsidiary was founded Escada Beuté where the focus was on launching different fragrances. The first perfume was launched the same year and was named Escada Margaretha Ley, after the company's founders. Like the company's clothes, the perfumes have become known for their colourful packaging, with eye-catching colors, patterns and shapes. The aromas are intense, strong and tangy. They are created for the modern woman with an active and nuanced lifestyle. Some perfume names that reflect this are "Desire Me" from 2009, "Incredible Me" from 2008 and "Celebrate n.o. W" from 2017. "Desire Me" scents of citrus fruits mixed with fresh foliage, "Incredible Me" is a more oriental fragrance with honeysuckle, clementin and sandalwood and "Celebrate n.o. W" is a mixture of the smells of ginger, magnolia and cinnamon. A new limited edition fragrance is launched every year, and often becomes coveted collectibles.

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