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Problem/Question: I can not log in

Please click here and it should work afterwards. Otherwise try to change your password.


QUESTION: Have you sent my order? When will my order be sent?

You will receive an email and sometimes a text message when we send your order. If you have not received either of these, we most likely have not sent your order.
On weekdays, we work hard to send your order within 24 hours of you placing it, provided that all the products in your order are in stock.
If you have pre-ordered products that are not in stock, we usually only send the order when everything has come into stock.


QUESTION: I have regretted my order that has not yet been sent. Can I cancel it?

Yes, you can do this as long as we have not packed or sent your order. You can also regret items that have not yet been sent on a partially sent order.
Enter the order number and postcode above, and you will come to a page where you can cancel your order. A link to this is also in your order summary .


QUESTION/PROBLEM: Cannot log in / Forgotten password.

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QUESTION: The pump is not working on the skin cream / perfume. What should I do?

ANSWER: If we're lucky, your product has just a slight fault with the pump that you can fix yourself. Follow these instructions and see if it starts working.


  1. Hold a finger against the spray hole where the perfume sprays out.
  2. While holding your finger against the spray hole, press the pump 15 times.
  3. Remove your finger from the spray hole and press the pump 15 times again.
  4. Wait 10 minutes and test if the pump works as usual.

Skin creams:

Most skin creams are not sucked up through a hose like perfumes, but through a "vacuum pressure". You often worsen the situation if you unscrew the bottle to see if there is a hose there.
1. Press the pump very many times. It is not uncommon for it to require 50-100 presses. After very many presses, it starts working again.

If the instructions above do not work, contact us if you want to complain about the product.


QUESTION: The perfume does not last as long as it should, what's wrong?

ANSWER: We occasionally receive complaints about perfumes that last too short a time. When we receive the return, it often turns out that the perfume lasts just as long as it should, we smell the scent several hours longer than the customer said.

If you can't smell the perfume as long as you think you should, it may be due to one of the following reasons.

  1. You get used to the scent quickly. This is the case with all smells you are exposed to for a long time, you stop sensing them. Ask a friend, family member or coworker after a few hours what they think of the scent? Often they will do so even when you don't, (obviously not as strongly as immediately after you sprayed the scent). Do not point out that you think something is wrong or that you don't smell the scent, then you influence the person's judgement.
  2. Are you suffering from a cold, flu or the coronavirus covid-19? This impairs your sense of smell.
  3. Have you perhaps bought an eau de Toilette (edT) variant of a perfume that you previously had an eau de Parfum (edP) of? edT does not last as long. edC lasts even shorter time.
  4. The scent has been reformulated by the manufacturer.
  5. Finally, the most unusual scenario, that it is old. You can find out yourself if the perfume is old by checking the batch code. See below how you can check this yourself. A perfume should last at least 5 years after manufacture. Many manufacturers promise 7 years of shelf life. If it is old, it is a valid reason for complaint and you are welcome to contact us to complain about the scent.


QUESTION: How do I check the shelf life of a scent?

ANSWER: There are several websites where you can check this by entering the product's batch code. E.g. onhttp://www.checkfresh.com/.

Do not confuse the batch code with the barcode (EAN-code) or other codes. The batch code is usually a 4-6 character long code consisting of numbers and/or letters. You most often find the code on the bottom of the package (sometimes on another side), and it is usually the code that is hardest to see.

You can also recognize the batch code if you think about that it is not part of the package's "design" from the package's manufacture. Instead, it is stamped or printed on after the perfume bottle has been put in the package.