Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is an Italian fashion house that is named after the founder Giorgio Armani. The fashion house was founded in 1975 after Giorgio spent most of the 60 's designing for Nino Cerruti in Italy. Here he learned all about haute couture. Produces and designs shoes, watches, jewellery and accessories in haute Couture class. The Armani company currently includes a number of brands such as Giorgio Armani Privé, Armani Collezioni, Emporio Armani and so on. In common with these brands is that they are characterized by a very masculine strength, as well as a strong charisma of elegance. Armani's design is often both beautiful and minimalist. The design associated with all Armani brands is the iconic combination of black and gold.

1982 launched the very first fragrance in under Armani's fashion house, named Armani Eau Pour Homme. The design of the bottle for Eau Pour Homme has been clearly inspired by the light bulb, and is beautiful and minimalist at the same time. The clear focus on technology shows the elegant masculinity that the fashion house has become known for and which shines through in the design of all the bottles of Armani. The bottles are adorned with dull colors, but often have an association to luxury such as gold and true emerald green and bronze. Eau Pour Homme smells of citrus, cinnamon and various types of wood.

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