Gucci is today one of the world's largest fashion houses founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci in Florence, Italy. The name Gucci has become synonymous with luxury and prosperity. As one of the world's most glamorous brands, a product with the Gucci stamp is a sure way to enhance everyday life. The company began as a manufacturer of saddles and Laxerprodukter, but quickly became a giant in Väskindustrin with its iconic designs and designs. The well-known logo is in the form of the classic "GG" monogram which today adorns various products from trendy garments to accessories and perfumes. Gucci has promised that from 2018 total refrain from the use of genuine fur, in an effort to contribute in the work towards a more sustainable fashion industry.

Gucci No. 1 was the first fragrance that Gucci created and this was launched in 1974. The fragrance is sold today and is thriving and tart with tones of lily of the lilies, jasmine, rose, and lemon. Since 1974, Gucci has launched over 60 different perfumes for both men and women. The bottles ' design is classic, stylish and luxurious, in the style of the brand's image. The perfumes often smell of different kinds of flowers, including the perfume Gucci Bloom which was launched in 2017. Gucci Bloom smells of the Mexican plant tuberose mixed with jasmine and Chinese honeysuckle.

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