Guerlain is a French perfume house that was founded already in 1828. The founder was named Pierre François Pascal Guerlain. 1853 became the company's official French purveyor after creating a fragrance named Eau de Cologne Impériale for the then Empress. Since its foundation, the House has created an incredible amount of perfumes and the range is so varied that it is difficult not to find anything for everyone.

Some classic perfumes worth mentioning are the Heure Bleue Extract from 1912, Mitsouko Eau de Parfum from 1919 and Shalimar Eau de Cologne from 1925. Heure Bleue smells of iris, violet and anise and is delightful and thriving. Mitsouko is an earthy fragrance with notes of moss, spices and peach. Shalimar is a striking fragrance with notes of leather, vanilla and incense. These classic fragrances have in recent years both been updated, expanded and also supplemented with several variations. Eau de Shalimar from 2008 scents For example of lime, vanilla and bergamot. A more modern perfume collection from Guerlain is Idylle where the main perfume was launched in 2009. This perfume was named Idylle and scented of lily of the lilies, rose and jasmine. The bottle is strikingly beautiful and reminiscent of the shape of a raindrop but in a gold shimmering color. Guerlain has also released several collections aimed at men and also collections that should be unisex.

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