Hermès is a prestigious and worthy French fashion house founded in 1837. The founder was named Thierry Hermès. It is not possible to escape this brand's impact on the fashion industry. Hermès is iconic, legendary, amazing. Over its around 180 years as an active fashion company, they have certainly managed to make their mark, and earned their stamp as one of the world's foremost brands. They have become particularly famous through the celebrities who over the years have worn garments and accessories with the logo on them. These include Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy and Sammy Davis Jr. Hermès also created Birkinväskan, named after actress Jane Birkin, A bag that is now known worldwide.

The first perfume that Hermès launched was Eau Hermès in 1951. What really put the mark on the map as a prominent perfume manufacturer, however, was a perfume that was released 10 years later. The perfume was named Calèche and was made in collaboration with the perfumer Guy Robert. It was immediately popular and was described as a masterpiece. Calèche has notes of various citrus fruits mixed with flowers such as Rose, jasmine and cypress. Hermès has over the years released several versions of this fragrance symphony. The brand has also launched several collections such as Hermessence and Eau des Merveilles. The design of the bottles is exquisite with classic, timeless shapes and bright, golden, shimmering colors.

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