Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lynn Lopez is an American actress, singer, dancer and entrepreneur. Starting in the film world during the 80 and 90 centuries, she moved to the music industry in 1999 with her debut album On the 6. She is one of very few film stars who have managed to get over to the music industry and achieved success there. She has released countless popular songs and albums, and topped all the listings. In 2001, she became the first person ever to top the charts for both an album and a film in the same week. In addition to his career as a singer and actress, she has also created an empire that includes clothing lines, accessories, perfumes, a production company and a charity organization.

The first perfume, Glow, was launched in 2002 and scented Musk, jasmine and rose. The bottle is in a sensual and feminine shape with a romantic pink color and is dressed in a pendant with Lopez's nickname, "J-Lo". After this, a number of variations on the perfume have been released, including Glow after Dark from 2006. Glow after Dark fragrances passion fruit, white cherry and patchouli, and the bottle is similar to Glow but is instead colored in a shiny black color. In 2008, Deseo and Deseo for Menwere launched. The bottles are in the form of rough diamonds in different colors. Deseo smells of bamboo, yuzu and Patchouli and Deseo for men smells of lingonberries, yuzu and tobacco.

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