John Varvatos

John Varvatos is an American fashion designer who specializes in menswear. John Varvatos was born in Detroit, USA but his family has roots in Greece. After studying at a university in Michigan, he co-founded a men's shop in 1980. After some success he started working for Ralph Lauren and then went on to Calvin Klein. During his time with Calvin Klein, he was a creator of a type of underwear for men called "Boxer briefs", a mixture of two types of underpants. This garment has been called one of the century's greatest clothing revolutions. He founded his own company, John Varvatos, in 1999.

The first perfume named John Varvatos was launched in 2004 and smells of plums, leather and figs. The bottle is in a form that has become a kind of hallmark for Varvatos, and is dressed in a leather band with the name engraved. Several of Varvatos bottles are dressed in some kind of fabric or wicker material. Artisan from 2009 that smells of clementin, orange blossom and ginger is completely dressed in brown basket material. artisan Black from 2010 smells of blood orange, orange, ginger and leather and is dressed in black basket material, while Artisan Blu from 2016 smells like lime, mint and kayoe and is dressed in blue wicker material.

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