Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld is a German fashion designer who currently lives in Paris and performs the majority of his work there. He is the lead designer for the prestigious fashion house Chanel. He took over this fashion house in 1983, twelve years after the founder and fashion profile of Coco Chanel's death. He is also high ranking in the Fendi brand. In addition to being active in these brands, he has created an extremely well-known and popular brand around himself. With an image like a fantastic creative genius and his uniform of a ponytail, black sunglasses and leather gloves. He has also made several design collaborations, for example with H & M 2004, and has also worked as a photographer and costumes.

The first perfume that remains today under the name Karl Lagerfeld was launched in 1978. It was called Lagerfeld Classic and targeted men with aromas of tobacco, amber and vanilla. The bottle's design is simple but stylish and very embossed by the decade it was released underneath. Many of the Lagerfeld's other perfumes also have the very simple bottles, which complement the Lagerfeld's stylish aesthetics perfectly. The perfumes are also characterized by a tremendous luxury. In addition to a number of separate perfumes, Lagerfeld has also launched a unisex collection by the name Kapsule. The bottles are in simple geometric shapes and the three different perfumes are very simple with three ingredients each. For example Kapsule Floriental that smells violet, tea leaves and ivy. The idea is that the three perfumes should be combined with each other.

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