Kenzo Takaa was born in 1939 in Himeji, Japan. He became one of the first male students at Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo and moved after his degree to Paris where he opened his first store, Jungle Jap. In 1970 the brand Kenzo was founded. He quickly became a prominent designer in the fashion industry, and the brand is still successful, even after Takadas retirement in 1999. Among other things, the brand recently participated in a collaboration with the Swedish fashion Empire H & M which became incredibly popular and sold out immediately. Kenzo Takaa reached its tremendous success by mixing kontemporärt fashion with traditional Japanese details and patterns in his design work.

In 1988 the first perfume Kenzo for womenwas launched, with the scent of tuberose, sandalwood and peach. The perfume bottles are also designed according to a combination of contemporary obsessions and futuristic forms mixed with traditional Japanese design art. Kenzo today offers a huge range of perfumes, all with incredibly beautiful bottles and equally delightful aromas. Kenzo Amour from 2006 fragrances The grace period and sweet of vanilla, rice and frangipani. Couleur Kenzo is a collection of three fragrances, from 2012, 2013 and 2014, and is baptized and inspired by three different colors. The first perfume in the collection from 2012 is called Couleur Kenzo Jaune-Yellow and scents of orange blossom, lemon and jasmine. The collection also includes Couleur Kenzo Rose-Pink and Couleur Kenzo Violet.

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