Lacoste is a fashion company founded by a tennis player named René Lacoste, and was originally a company that would manufacture tennis clothing. The famous logo has an exciting story, where the tennis player tries to win a purse by hitting bets on the results of matches. He lost, but a journalist who wrote about the event should have said that he fought like a crocodile and from that moment Lacoste began to wear small crocodiles on his tennis clothing. From having amassed popularity with their tennis shirts, it began to produce more accessories clothing such as shoes, glasses and perfumes. Today, the brand has grown into a multinational company worth several hundred million euros, and is considered by many to be an exclusive fashion company.

1984 launched the very first perfume Lacoste for men, which smells of amber, beans and lavender. The scent Land for Men is launched in 1991 and is special in that it has only base notes, so it only smells of wood, amber and spices. From 2011-2016, several perfumes were released in the collection L. 12.12. The collection is named after the code that René Lacoste originally produced his turtlenecks under. All perfumes from Lacoste are adorned with the famous logo in the form of a crocodile.

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