Lanvin is a French international fashion house with a focus on haute couture. The house was founded in 1889 by Jeanne Lanvin and is the oldest French fashion house that still exists today. Jeanne Lanvin began his design career with the production of clothes for his daughter Marie-Blanche de Polignac. The creations were so beautiful that they attracted the attention of the French elite who began ordering the clothes for their children, which in turn led to Lanvin began to produce clothes to order even for ladies. The success led to her opening a store in Paris. In 1909 she received the status of couture creator. Today, the house Lanvin produces clothes, shoes, bags and perfumes.

Lanvin entered the perfume world already in 1927 with a fragrance named Arpege that would come to be iconic. Arpege smells of aldehyde, yiang-Yiang and Jasmine. The name is inspired by the music term arpeggio, which means that a chord is broken down and played tone for tone. The bottle is painted black with a gold-coloured lid. Since 1927, a number of variations and extensions of the original fragrance have been released. Some more modern fragrances from the fashion house can be found in the collection Me collection, where the main perfume from 2013 is called Lanvin Me. Lanvin Me smells of blueberries, laktrisrot and sandalwood.

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