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Macadamia Professional is trying to create innovative hair care products that can be used by women around the world with completely different hair texture. Macadamia Professionals ' products provide your hair treatment with salon quality. They also have styling products that aim to work for different hair types unique återfuktningsnivå and Stylingbehov in different women and hairstyles.

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Macadamia Professionals Hair care products contain a unique blend of macadamia oil and argan oil. Macadamia Professionals Hair care products seep into the hair to give the hair the ultimate moisture level. Their products work well for all types of hair structure and together with the benefits of macadamia and argan oil gives hair the hair is perfectly moisturized and protected.

Macadamia Professionals has several hair styling products and håroljor that can be used by all hair types, from babyhår to very curly hair with a coarser texture. The products give your hair the unique återfuktningsnivå it needs and keeps hair's styling in place.

To be able to address all different types of hair and the need for styling, Macadamia Professional has developed a unique formulation that works well for all types of hair. Their products contain the exclusive Pro Oil Complex which is a blend of the therapeutic macadamia and Arganoljorna. Pro Oil Complex is rich in Omega 7, Omega 5, Omega 3 and Omega 9 fatty acids and these fatty acids help to nurture and repair the hair from the inside out without weighing it down or making the hair greasy. This makes Macadamia professional products unique because other similar hair care products moisturize and do not strengthen the hair from within, and lay like a layer on the surface of the hair, and then the hair's natural texture is not renewed.

Natural Macadamia oil contains the highest levels of Omega 7 of all oils. Omega 7 is the substance that most closely resembles the human hair's natural sebum. Through this similarity, Omega 7 can mimic the scalp's natural oil production to give hair care and hydration with exceptional absorption from the inside out. Omega 7 is also extremely light to the texture and is not greasy, which makes it advantageously works for all types of hair.

Argan oil is very rich in Omega 9, antioxidants and Vitamin E. These are very important ingredients because they make hair stronger, build damaged hair and restore hair's natural shine and softness. They also reduce frizz and split ends.

Macadamia professionals ' products do not contain any harmful sulphates and do not impair colouring for colored hair. The products are Parabenfria and gluten-free and Macadamia professionals never test their products on animals. Macadamia Professional's goal is to develop innovative, high-performance products that are always safe to use with both coloured hair and natural hair. Their products are intended to meet all expectations that both consumers and professional users, such as hairdressers and stylists, have. The ingredients found in Macadamia professional hair care products are both powerful and gentle at the same time. They moisturize and strengthen the hair intensively while they are very gentle on the scalp.

Macadamia Professional is an eco-conscious company.

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