This is authentic and original Mene & Moy (M&M System). Mene&Moy was founded by the Brazilian plastic surgeon Romulo Mene, and the American dermatologist Lawrence Moy. Their products are considered by many to be the absolute best in cosmeceuticals and medical skin care has been around since 1984. Unlike the anti-aging treatments offered by cosmetics industry, Mene & Moy's products contain large doses of active ingredients. These include stabilized vitamin C and glycolic acid, which is combined with other powerful active ingredients to target different skin problems caused by the passage of time.

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Customers often use Mene & Moy's skin care products for acne, to increase skin luster, smoothness, and elasticity, as well as to remove pigmentation spots and reduce fine lines. The products are originally developed to be used as a complement and maintenance for, among other things, Surgical aesthetic procedures and chemical peels, but they work fine to use without you doing any aesthetic procedures.

Information for new users of Mene&Moy

The products from Mene&Moy are powerful, for real. It is therefore important that you as a new user of Mene&Moy know this and do not start with their strongest products directly. It takes time before your skin gets used to the high concentrations of glycolic acid and vitamin C, usually about 2-3 weeks. During this time we recommend you only use the products every other day, and only once a day, while your skin gradually gets used to. During this time you can also experience the skin peeling, as in the case of a mild tan. It may also happen that you get some milis or that pimples flare out, this decreases when the skin got used to the products.

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