Mexx is a Dutch fashion company. The company is made up of the designer Chadha and a number of business partners; PK Sen Sharma, Adu Advaney, Suveer Arora, Ronny lemmen, Horatio Ho and Arun Mehta. The same group of people cooperated in the 70 to produce and deliver clothes to various clothing stores in the Netherlands. At the beginning of the 80 century, they made a new start by creating two clothing brands, one aimed at men named Moustache and one directed to women named Emanuelle. In 1986 the two clothing brands were merged into Mexx, M from Moustache, E from Emanuelle and XX from the abbreviation for two kisses. Today, Mexx is an international fashion company that designs and produces a large variety of products.

The first perfume was launched in 1996 and released in a new version in 2000. The perfume was called Mexx Woman and scented of lime, lemon and blackcurrant. Mexx has since released a number of perfumes aimed at both men and women. All bottles are stylish and simple, yet colourful and full of life. One example is Life is Now , which is both for her and for him. life is now for Her smells of pear, guava and musk while life is now for Him smells of lavender, cardamom and sandalwood.

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