Montblanc is a company that sells various kinds of luxury products such as watches and various desktop accessories. The company started with engineer August Eberstein who in 1906 manufactured and sold pens to various dealers in Berlin and Hamburg. After some success, several investors were involved and in 1907 the company SIMPLO filler PEN Co Max Koch was founded as the registered trademark Montblanc in 1910. The company was based in Hamburg and mainly made pens. The pens were adorned by the Montblanc brand that looks the same today, a circle that contains a hexagon with six laces that will represent the Mont Blanc's six valleys. Over the years, the company has grown and expanded its production to a number of different products, including perfumes.

In 2001, the first perfume was launched, directed to men, named Presence. Presence aromas of cinnamon, apple and ginger. The following year, another version was launched, Presence Cool, and a version aimed at women, Présence d ' une Femme. Presence Cool scents of bamboo, apple and geranium, while Présence d ' une Femme smells of Brazilian rosewood, Mandarin and peppercorns. Montblanc has also released a collection named legend, where the main perfume legend from 2011 that is directed to men, smells of lavender, pineapple and apple. Legend Pour Femme from 2012 scents of orange blossom, neroliblomma and sour-orange.

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