In 1983 the Italian fashion house Moschino was founded. The founder was Franco Moschino and was born in Lombardy, Italy, in 1950. The fashion house that began to produce only jeans and underwear has today grown and worked its way to a position as one of the world's most talked about brands. They have mainly become known for their distinctive ironic and playful aesthetics, which take known references and distort or transform them in a comical way. Among other things, Franco Moschino challenged the beloved fashion icon Coco Chanel by "tarnishing" one of her classic designs in a very creative way. Moschino is, to say the least, sensational-but they do it in style!

The first perfume that was released was already in 1987, four years after the foundation of the fashion house, and was called Moschino for women. It smells of galbanum, amber and nutmeg. Since then, a number of perfumes have been released, many of which follow the same ironic and colorful aesthetics as the main fashion house collections are releasing. Among other things the Cheap & Chic collection, which is where the perfume bottles are in the form of the cartoon character Karl-Alfred's wife. The main perfume Cheap & Chic smells of musk, cyclamen and Yuzu. In the Fresh Couture collection, the perfume bottles look like bottles filled with detergents. The main perfume Fresh Couture smells of lime, Mandarin and peony.

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