Murad manufactures advanced and intelligible skin care that effectively brings up a variety of skin problems such as acne, aging, hyperpigmentation and cellulite. For over 20 years, Murad has led the skin care industry in the development of innovative, results-oriented formulations aimed at restoring skin health and general wellbeing. Murad was founded by Dr. Murad, who has treated over 50 000 patients over the last 30 years.

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Through his research, he made several discoveries that led him to develop his own skin care products, which can all use at home. The first products launched 1987. Dr. Murad was one of the first to launch skin care products with AHA and stabilized vitamin C to treat damaged skin and pigment changes. He was also one of the first to develop a complete skin care range specifically to treat the effects of hormone changes on the skin.

Age Reform

Genetic aging, or the natural process of aging that occurs over time, results in a seemingly inevitable decrease in the production of firming collagen and Hudutjämnande elastin. Since the body begins to produce less of these two proteins, wrinkles can form and the skin loses its overall luster. Murad Age Reform Anti-aging products combine retinol-therapy to increase collagen production with AHA and BHA treatments to increase cell turnover and accelerate the movement of younger, clearer, firmer skin to the surface. Murad Age Reform products can give you firmer, more youthful skin with increased collagen production.


Studies have shown that collagen levels in the skin can drop by up to 30 percent during the first five years after menopause. But you can fight the causes of wrinkles from hormonal aging with the right skin care products. Murad Resurgence ® Anti-age skin care products are specially formulated to counteract the loss of firmness, wrinkles and fine lines associated with hormonal aging

Blemish Control/Acne

Murad's products for acne work at the source of the acne deep beneath the surface iställe to just dry out the skin. The ingredients in Murad's products for acne resnare existing eruptions while preventing new acne. This series has products both for acne on the face and on the body.

The skin on the back is thicker than the face and the Talgkörtklarna is larger. Although the goal of Aknebehandlingen is the same for the face and body (to treat the source of the outbreaks and not the resulting spots), one must use other products to provide the active ingredients to the thicker skin on the back. Murad's products for acne on the body are created to exfoliate the powerful skin to allow salicylic acid to go into the skin and clear out the acne effectively. The products are: Clarifying cleanser, Clarifying body Spray and Blemish body Wash.

Pore Reform

is a series specially designed to reduce large pores, reduce the amount of blackheads and control the oil on the skin.

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