Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell is a British model who has also worked as a singer, author and actress. She was discovered as a model when she was 15 years old and is today one of the foremost names in the industry. Among other things, she was the first black woman to adorn the covers of the French and British editions of Vogue magazine, as well as the American magazine Time magazine, which honors prominent and powerful profiles in society. During the 1990 century, she was part of a group of photographic models called "Big Six". The models in "Big Six" were called super models, which is a title given to a model of photography that has achieved a certain status and success in the industry.

In addition to its success as a model, Campbell has also created several popular perfumes. The perfume bottles in the main collection "Naomi Campbell" are, like their creators, narrow, crisp and incredibly beautiful. This collection includes the very first perfume that the super model created in 1999, with the same name as the collection. "Naomi Campbell" smells of coconut, peach and magnolia. Another perfume from the same collection is called "Bohemian Garden" from 2016. Both the perfume's name and fragrance is sprung from the idea of the bohemian way of life, full of freedom and joy of life. "Bohemian Garden" smells of lemon, pear and lily of the lilies. Among Campbell's perfumes, you can find something for every woman, from the successful business woman to the thriving festival visitor.

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