Nautica is an American clothing company founded 1983 by David Chu. The company's name is based on the Latin word for ship, Nauticus, and the logo is inspired by a sail. The maritime theme shines through on many of their perfumes as the bottles are mostly blue and are named things like "My Voyage" and "Latitude longitude". Since its foundation, the company has changed ownership several times but is still basically a clothing company. In 1992, they decide to create their first perfume in collaboration with Coty.

"My Voyage" is a perfume that was launched 2007, where the bottle is designed to mimic a boat. The perfume smells strongly of citrus and peony. "Longitude Latitude" was launched in 2000 and smells like a mixture of coriander, tarragon and nutmeg. Nautica's perfumes are mainly directed to men but they have also introduced some perfumes for women, such as "Nautica Bermuda Blue" which smells of including grapefruit and lotus blossom. The perfumes suit man who is constantly searching, adventurous and who is as passionate as the sea.

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