Nikos Apostolopoulos is a Greek fashion designer who was born in Patras, Greece and studied at the Sorbonne in Paris, France. After his education he founded his own brand Nikos. Starting in menswear and focusing on underwear, he managed to achieve some success and then developed the offer to also include lingerie in the women's category, as well as swimwear and "ready-to-wear" in both men and women. During his career, Apostolopoulos has also worked as a costumes and designed clothes for both theatre and opera. He also created Nikos parfums who produce perfumes.

Nikos Parfums has launched a number of perfumes in a single theme. The bottle is easy to recognize with the same shape through almost the entire supply, an asymmetrical, stone-like shape in colourless glass. The first perfume, however, is one of few exceptions, the bottle looks like a pedestal. This perfume from 1994 was named Sculpture and scents of tarragon, green leaves and peach. The perfume was directed to women. The following year, the release Sculpture pour Homme, which smells of orange blossom, lemon and tonka bean. In 2004 the fragrance was launched Nikos, directed to men, with the scent of coffee bean, tonka bean and vanilla.

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