Nina Ricci

Maria Adélaide Nielli, better known as Nina Ricci, was a French fashion designer. The fashion house Nina Ricci was founded in Paris in 1932. She quickly became popular thanks to her elegant, romantic and feminine aesthetics. The fashion house remains today under the direction of designer Peter Copping.

1948 launched the first fragrance under the name of Nina Ricci, named ' Air Du temps'. It reached so much success that it soon became one of the world's most famous perfumes. The bottle's unique shape was first designed and created by the famous Kristallskulptören Renée Lalique. The perfume smells of garden cloves, cloves and aldehydes. The fashion house has since then released a number of variations on the classic fragrance. Some more modern collections are Luna and L ' ecstasy. The first perfume in Luna was released in 2016 and was called Luna. It smells of caramel, vanilla and wild berries. The bottle is in the form of an apple, just like other perfumes in the collection. In the collection ' Rhapsody ' The first perfume was released in 2015 and was named ' Rhapsody'. It smells of caramel, rose and raspberry, and the bottle is exquisitely beautiful in a dark purple color with Goldilocks and a brand plate in gold. All the perfumes from Nina Ricci are strikingly feminine. You often use notes from different flowers and fruits, and the bottles are in beautiful shapes and strong colors.

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