Paris Hilton

The famous photo model, singer, actress and fashion icon Paris Hilton 1981. She is the grandson of the founder of the successful Hilton hotels chain. During the 2000 century, she was one of the world's foremost fashion icons with her sparkling, pink and glamorous Barbie-like style. Hilton managed to accumulate a large band of followers who looked up to her thanks to her extravagant, luxurious lifestyle and trendsetting outfits.

2005 released the first fragrance in her name called Paris Hilton for women. The perfume smells of melon, apple and peach. Hilton has since launched a dozen or so perfumes. The bottles design follows the same iconic style that Hilton itself has become famous for, with very pink, glittery and glamorous. In 2007, can can be released as a scent of nectarine, amber and blackcurrant. It has been described as fruity and sweet. A later perfume is Gold Rush which was launched in 2016 and scents of nectarine, vanilla and chocolates. The Gold Rush bottle is incredibly beautiful in the form of a gold-colored evening gown and the shape reminds a bit of a female Oscar figurine. Paris Hilton's perfumes are for the woman who enjoys life and deserves the absolute best, in all situations.

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