Cosmetic Skin Solutions Supreme Phloretin C10

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Cosmetic Skin Solutions Supreme Phloretin C10

We store all phloretin serums in a refrigerator. The Cosmetic Skin Solutions Phloretin serums in our stock are never more than 2-3 months from manufacture, and shall very seldom be oxidised. If by any chance the serum you have received is oxidised, we will be happy to send you a replacement or a refund. A light champagne to orange colour is the natural colour of this serum due to the colours of asiatic and phloretin. Darker than that and it is too oxidised. There is a common myth that oxidised vitamin c would be dangerous or toxic, this is luckily false. One of the quickest ways to oxidise vitamin c is to have it in a water mixture and heat it. You do this every time you cook vegetables! Cooked vegetables are healthy, not dangerous. Nor do they emit free radicals. Simply, the more oxidised vitamin c is, the less effective as a skin care ingredient it is.

Remember to store your serum in a refrigerator. And rest assured that if it becomes darker as the months go, it is not becoming toxic, simply a bit less effective.

This biological antioxidant formula has several powerful preventive and remedial properties. Phloretin Serum Advanced Formula + contains a combination of 2%, phloretin 10% vitamin C (L-Ascorbic acid stabilized) and Asiatic Acid. Phloretin Serum gives a wide range of protection against the Sun (ultraviolet radiation, UVA/UVB) and against free radicals. This is a synergistic antioxidant with interactions between phloretin, asiatic acid and vitamin C which helps to increase each ingredient results. Therefore, a product with greater efficiency.

Phloretin Serum prevention and corrective properties may also erase the signs of aging and Sun-damaged skin. Almost instantly fade Sun and age spots, hyper-pigmentation, reduce discoloration becomes better, and tint the skin reduces erythma becomes finer and smoother. At the cellular level has been strengthened DNA strands by collagen synthesis and the synthesis of elastinfibrerer within cellmatrixen. This results in an enhanced support for skin protection against ultraviolet radiation and other external influences.

When you use this fast absorbing serum, there to provide a wide range of immediate protection against free radicals caused by ultraviolet radiation, which causes sunburn. If you are using this product as a layer in your skin care program, this powerful antioxidant serum increases the performance and efficiency of each skin care product.


This is a powerful, natural polyphenolic composition which is a part of the flavonoid group. Phloretin can be found in apples. Research shows that phloretin inhibits the proliferation of cancer cells and acts as a safeguard mechanism against cancer cells.

Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid)

An active form (a) (C) vitamin that is found in nautligt. citrus fruits. This water soluble antioxidant protects the skin against the oxidative stress caused by the Sun's rays (UVA/UVB radiation). It improves skin elasticity by enhancing the production of collagen. Helps to reduce pigmentation, Erythema and redness of the skin.

Asiatic Acid

Hyaluronic acid

A naturally occurring polysaccharide responsible to promote moisture and lubrication in the extracellular region of the dermis. With immediate water-binding and water attraction properties fills it in the blanks between connective tissue collagen and elastin fibers in the dermal layer of skin. Hyaluronic acid that can hold water 500 times its own weight is a powerful store of humidity that arbetarför to retain water both above and below the skin surface to keep skin plump, well hydrated, and beautiful.

How do you use Phloretin Serum Advanced Formula + as part of one's usual skin care regimen?

Cosmetic Skin Solutions (C)-vitaminserum is designed to be used as a layer in an effective method for improving other benefits products. This is why the ultimate product for Sun protection. For optimal results, and to reinforce its preventive effects, use Phloretin Serum Advanced Formula + in a skin care program that includes Cosmetic Skin Solutions series. The series contains moisturizing gel, eye gel and a broad spectrum of Sun protection. If increased bleaching effect desired so can Hydra B5 Gel with Phyto Botanical Gel.

How can the antioxidants Vitamin C, asiatic acid and phloretin provide preventive and corrective benefits?

Vitamin C in a formula with other powerful antioxidants such as asiatic acid and phloretin works synergistically to create a comprehensive protection against harmful molecules and ultraviolet radiation. Research shows that the powerful effect of this triple antioxidant will also correct the existing sun damange on the skin and also prevents premature aging.

For what skin type are Phloretin Serum Advanced Formula + best suited for?

Phloretin Serum Advanced Formula + is ideal to repair Sun-damaged skin. However, it is designed for all skin types, especially for combination skin, Sun-damaged skin and skin with Erythema/hyper-pigmentation.

What is the difference between Serum Advanced Phloretin Formula + from Vitamin C + E Serum?

Phloretin Serum Advanced Formula + and Vitamin C + E Serum are two powerful antioxidant Vitamin C serum with subtle differences in the percentage of the content of the active ingredients. Which one you choose should be adjusted according to your skin type, your skin's condition, your tolerance of Vitamin C, how good your skin are acclimatised to the active and inactive ingredients or your individual preferences for the percentage of active ingredients.

Differences in active ingredients:

Vitamin C + E Serum (for normal to dry skin)

  1. 15% Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic acid)
  2. 1% Vitamin E (Alpha-Tocopherol)
  3. Asiatic Acid
  4. Hyaluronic acid

Phloretin Serum Advanced Formula + (for kombinationshy to oily skin)

  1. 10% Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic acid)
  2. 2% Phloretin
  3. Asiatic Acid
  4. Hyaluronic acid

What are the advantages to having a 10% concentration of Vitamin C?

A 10% concentration of Vitamin C is a medium amount. This medium concentration will increase the antioxidative benefits of the Asiatic Acid and phloretin alot. It makes the Asiatic Acid and phloretin more powerful than if a small amount of Vitamin C had been used.

How can we integrate this product into their existing skin care?

It is recommended that you use Phloretin Serum Advanced Formula + together with the remaining Cosmetic Skin Solutions series. This will increase the preventive benefits and maximize the results of each product.

What are the colour of Phloretin Serum Advanced Formula+?

The physical and chemical properties of phloretin indicate that it is a pink micro crystal powder. Asiatic Acid is a yellow powder. These ingredients mixed, therefore an orange hue. This is the color that will be when the serum is totally fresh and the serums are made each/every two weeks to ensure freshness. This orange color, however, should not be mistaken for oxidation, orange is the natural color of the serum.

The product contains no parabens? It has been tested on animals?

No there are no parabens in any of Cosmetic Skin Solutions products. Tests on animals have never, and will never occur.


Use Phloretin Serum Advanced Formula + twice a day.

Apply 4-5 drops to face, neck and décolletage, but avoid contact with eyes.

For best results and to increase Serum Phloretin Advanced Formula + performance, and provide the ultimate protection, use the product in a skin care routine that contains the entire Cosmetic Skin Solutions series containing moisturizing gel, eye gel and a sunscreen. Note that if additional whitening is desired, hydra B5 Gel is replaced by Phyto Botanical Gel.


30 ml


Deionized Water/Aqua/Eau, Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid), Alcohol Denate., 1,3-Dihydroxybutane, 1,5-Pentanediol, Glycerin, Zinc Sulfate Heptahydrate, Phloretin, L-Glutathione, Asiatic Acid, Citric Acid, Alpha-Arbutin, Bioflavonoids, Phenoxyethanol, Hydroxyethyl-cellulose, Hyaluronic Acid.

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