Pink Sugar - Aquolina

Aquolina is a brand that is created by the Italian kosmetikaföretaget Selectiva. The company was founded in 2002 and quickly reached success with its innovative "gourmand" concept. It wanted to transform the most exquisite flavors of the world into fragrances. In the skincare industry, they were primarily known for their yoghurt-based collection.

The first perfume was launched in 2004, was named Pink Sugar and scented of cotton candy, caramel and vanilla. In 2006, the male equivalent was released Blue Sugar, and also a uni-six perfume named Chocolovers. Blue Sugar scents of cotton candy, licorice and star anise. Chocolovers smells of hazelnut, vanilla and orange. In 2015, Aquolina launched an entire collection by the name of Aquolina Classica, with dozens of perfumes inspired by Italian cuisine. For example, Fragolina di Bosco, Mango Fresco and Pasticcino Alla Rosa Glassata. Fragolino di Bosco smells of strawberries, mango Fresco smells of mango and Pasticcino all pink Glassata smells of rose and sweets. Aquolina has also launched two perfumes with perfume bottles that look like filled with plastic bags, Luna Park from 2017 and Sweet Me from 2018. Luna Park smells of raspberry blossom, marshmallows and blackcurrant leaves. Sweet Me smells of musk, blackcurrant and raspberry.

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