Playboy is an American magazine that has become famous for its remarkable spread of famous American female profiles. The magazine was founded in 1953 by the American Hugh Hefner. What makes the lookup so startling is that they are often either wholly or partly naked. Playboy has played a major part in the sexual revolution and has today evolved into one of the world's most famous brands. The brand includes products such as clothing, perfumes, television and so on. Part of the incredibly famous brand is the iconic logo, which is in the form of a black silhouette of a cartoon kaninhuvud that wears a fly around his neck.

In 2008, a number of perfumes were released that formed the first perfumes made under the Playboy brand. The perfumes were inspired by different American cities and directed to men. For example, Playboy Vegas that smells tea leaves, apple and lavender or playboy Miami that smells like lime, cedar and jasmine. In 2014 was launched two perfumes named Playboy #generation, one directed to men and one directed to women. Playboy #generation for HER smells of raspberry, cherry and pink pepper, while Playboy #generation for HIM smells tonka bean, vanilla and pineapple. The two fragrances targeted a generation of people who live on social media and who love to enjoy life.

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