Police is an Italian fashion and beauty brand founded in 1963. Initially launched the brand unisex sunglasses. They wanted to create an image as an innovative, provocative and cool brand, with keywords like "alternative" and "avant-garde". Thanks to the name and style, the brand is also strongly linked to the urban lifestyle, and to the imagination of the life in New York or Chicago. The police has over the years expanded to include a variety of products such as perfumes, watches and jewellery. They have remarkably manage to maintain fairly the same aesthetics and maintain their image as a challenging, alternate brand in the fashion world. Former ambassadors include Bruce Willis and George Clooney, among others.

Police perfumes follow the same provocative and exciting aesthetics as their other products. Among other things, the collection police Icon where the bottles are in the form of an eagle in gold, black or crystal. The bottles contain not only three exquisite perfumes but also a modern, stylish detail in the home décor. The main perfume, Icon, in the crystal scents of vanilla, strawberry and patchouli. The perfumes directed to men have stylish, modern, strikingly beautiful bottles. The first perfume for men, the first perfume from the brand overall, was launched in 1998 and smells musk, mint and lavender. It was originally called Police for men but has today come to be called Original.

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