In 1913, Mario Prada founded what would come to be the legendary Italian fashion house Prada. Starting from Milan, the house started to produce leather products such as bags and accessories. Today, the house is ranked haute couture and is one of the absolute largest fashion houses around the world. Owning a bag from Prada is a status marker, the luxurious, glamorous bags show a lifestyle and a fashion awareness that is difficult to achieve in other ways. Mario Prada Unfortunately went away in 1997, but left over the brand to his daughter Miuccia Prada, who runs the company successfully than today.

The absolute first perfume, Prada for Women, was launched in 1990 and scented of Patchouli, Rose and honey. Since then, Prada has significantly released many perfumes, and the wide range is truly exciting to explore. Some collections worth mentioning are Luna Rossa, directed to men, where the main perfume smells lavender, mint and sour orange, mirages which is a unisex collection where for example the perfume Heat Wave smells of jasmine, skogskaktus and wormwood and the Prada (Amber) collection where the main perfume from 2004 smells of Patchouli, Amber and Bensoeharts. An exciting collection is also Prada exclusives, which is a collection of 12 numbered perfumes where each perfume focuses on a specific fragrance. One example is the No4 Fleurs d ' oranges which smells of five different flowers.

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