Pureology is a new and modern brand. It was founded in 2001 in California in the United States with the simple-yet powerful-idea of creating the best hair care products for color-treated hair. Pureology wanted to create products that are characterized by naturalness, health and purity. Their products are completely free of sulphate and are made from 100% vegan ingredients.

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Sulphates are often used in shampoos, soaps and other detergents because it is fat-less and thus can dissolve fat in the hair effectively but it rips on the hair, especially on already dry and stressed hair. The sulphate penetrates the hair and dries it from the inside. The Pureology provides hair care completely free of sulfates is revolutionary and their products are very popular.

Pureologys products are also inspired by aromatherapy (a form of therapy in which essential oils are used to strengthen the immune response). Pureologys Hair Care Products therefore have a signature of essential oils and aromatherapy. When using Pureologys products, customers enjoy a delightful experience of Aromaterapidofterna while protecting their hair and hair color. Pureologys quickly became a popular brand among both customers and professional users such as hairdressers and stylists.

Colored hair needs an extra dose of love. The hair changes as soon as the paint is applied and it becomes more vulnerable. The hair's natural hydration and shine becomes dull and the hair's texture becomes coarser. All this also affects the hair's ability to retain hair dye. Pureologys products, however, make sure that this does not happen and that hair is protected and builds up as color-treated hair needs!.

Pureologys products are completely free of sulphates. Their ZeroSulfate ® shampoos instead contain corn, coconut and sugar to gently cleanse the hair without destroying the staining or tearing on the hair. Since Pureologys products are based on highly concentrated formulor, customers do not need to use as much shampoo, but a small amount, which makes the shampoo lasts much longer.

Pureology is also very careful that color treatment should not fade and their Antifade Complex ® contains antioxidants to protect the hair from harmful free radicals. Antifade Complex ® also contains a full spectrum of sunscreen to protect the hair from harmful UVA and UVB rays to preserve the hair dye as good as possible.

Pureologys products are 100% vegan and they have been since the start of the company in 2001. Pureologys Hair care products are made with sustainable and natural herbal extracts and without any animal products or by-products.

Pureologys products are really absolutely fantastic for colored hair but Pureology has not contented itself with it. Their formulor not only protects the color treatment, but Formulorna are designed to provide the hair with everything else it needs such as hydration, volume, Strength, smoothness and softness. Pureologys products also smells lovely of aromatherapy and essential oils which not only gives the hair an amazing scent but soothes the hair as well.

Pureology provides shampoos and conditioners but also other types of hair care products. For example, they have such balms that you should let remain in the hair and not rinse out, so-called "leave-in conditioners". These leave-in condiitioners is the perfect antidote for dry and worn hair. They are perfect for colored hair but also for colourless hair that is a bit worn and needs nourishment.

Pureology also has hair wraps and such. These are powerful products that really restores and protects the hair and helps the worn hair become fresh and moisturized again.

Pureology feels a great responsibility for the environment and sustainability. They think of everything from the ingredients in their formulor to the raw material that they make packaging and how their products affect the environment both during and after use. Pureology thinks it is important to minimize environmental impact throughout the life cycle of their products. They also think it is important not to test products on animals, they have never done and will never do.

So far, Pureology has achieved a lot in terms of the environment and sustainability. It could be mentioned that the reduced water needed in the manufacturing process. The bottles that Pureology uses are made from 50% recycled materials and the bottles are 100% recyclable.

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