Redken was founded by Paula Kent. Redken has revolutionized the entire professional hair care industry for both stylists and customers. Paula Kent's interest in science and great dedication made it possible for Redken to become the powerful brand it is today.

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Paula Kent founded Redken together with Jehri Redding in 1960. Jehri Redding was both a hairdresser and a chemist and he had previously developed products with a low PH value for Paula Kent's hair. In 1965, however, Paula Kent bought out Jehri Redding and continued to drive Redken herself.

Redken goal was to provide a scientific approach to beauty and made a revolution in professional hair care by launching the concept of proteinkonditionering and the development of protein-derived hair care products. Protein is very important for hair because hair is largely made up of long protein threads and shampoo and Stylingredskap (straightener, hair dryer, etc.) can damage the protein in the hair. Hair care products that contain protein make the hair healthy and get better texture and healthy luster. Thanks to Redken amazing ideas with protein in hair care products so increased Redken sales tremendously and already in 1966 was the annual sales up at 1.5 million dollars.

In 1970, Redken introduced the concept of scientific approach to beauty through training courses for hairdressers and hairdressing salons. This was very successful and in 1971, Redken was listed.

Redken interest in science and education meant that in 1974, Redken held his first own conference on hair care. In 1980, Redken was introduced a new product line to build damaged and stressed hair.

In 1983, Redken had had time to launch in 13 countries.

In 1983, Redken launched the product line "Shades EQ", a hair shine treatment that makes hair paints really sit without tearing on the hair.

Year 1993 bought L'Oreal Redken. In 1996, Redken opened his own hairdressing salon where they educate professional hairdressers.

In 2012, Redken launched the product line "Chromatics", a series of hair care products to strengthen the hair even when dyeing.

Today there are in 43 countries worldwide.

Redken Products

Redken provides hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners. They also have hair dye products that protect the hair. In addition to this, Redken provides products for hair styling and various types of hairdressing treatments. Redken has treatments for all sorts of troubles such as tort hair, thin hair, damaged hair etc.

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