Robin Rihanna Fenty is known all over the world and has for 10 years made a huge success with his amazing pop songs. Most people probably remember the hugely popular songs Umbrella and Pon de Replay. The singer was born in 1988 in Barbados, and her upbringing is often noticeable in her music that has strong elements of the Jamaican genre Dancehall. She was discovered in 2003 by a music producer on vacation in Barbados and then moved to the United States to take the world by storm. Something she is known for besides her music is her confident and unashamed attitude. The seventh album title Unapologetic describes her personality best, and she is often praised for her way of taking a seat as a woman in the music industry.

The singer launched her very first fragrance directed to women in 2010, Reb ' L Fleur, and released shortly thereafter two new perfumes under 2012, rebel and Nude. The names reflect not only Rihanna's personality but also the deep, rich and defiant fragrances of the perfumes. Like Rihanna, all her perfumes can be described as warm and glamorous but at the same time very down to earth. They are made for a beautiful, outstanding woman with her feet on the earth. Reb Fleur smells of peach, plum and coconut, the rebel of cocoa, coffee and strawberry, while Nude smells like an blessed blend of guava, vanilla orchid and pear. Fruity, beautiful and exotic.

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