Terms & Conditions

Our Contract

No contract exists between you and SwedishFace for the sale of any products until SwedishFace has received and accepted your order, as well as sent you an order confirmation by e-mail. Once SwedishFace does so, there is a binding legal contract between us.

We are under no obligation to provide the product(s) to you at an incorrect (lower) price, even after we have sent you a confirmation, if the pricing error is obvious and unmistakeable and could have reasonably been recognised by you as a mis-pricing.

The completion of sale is subject to the customer agreeing to use the product in accordance with manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations. SwedishFace accept no responsibility for products other than supply and delivery to the customer.

All products should be patch tested before complete use to determine suitability. It is then the customer’s responsibility to determine whether a product is suitable for use on their skin. Whilst advice may be given via telephone or email, SwedishFace cannot be held responsible if a product reacts with your skin.

Your responsibilities

It is your duty to provide the correct address and contact details such as email address and mobile number. We have completed our part of the agreement when we have sent the order to your specified address with your specified contact information. In the following situations, you as a customer are liable for payment:

  • If you have entered the wrong address and the shipment does not reach you or is not returned to us.
  • If you have entered the wrong mobile number so that another person has been notified via text message and in a way been able to pick up your shipment.

Our rights

In the event of obvious error pricing, we reserve the right to correct the error afterwards or cancel your order. In order for it to be a case of a manifestly incorrect price, either:

  • The product's EAN code does not match the product name.
  • The product has been sold at a significantly lower price compared to other stores,
  • The item has been sold at half or lower of our regular price, or 70% or more below the recommended price.

If you are not satisfied with our correction, you of course have the right to cancel your purchase.

Price changes for pre-orders

In cases where you have placed an order for one of our non-stocked goods, we always have the right to cancel these goods from your order if the price has subsequently risen with our suppliers.

Product conformity


When you order a cosmetic product (eg skin care, hair care, makeup, fragrances) or hygiene product, you enter into an agreement to buy a product with primarily a certain EAN code, and secondarily specified name. The product image is for illustrative purposes and the product's appearance may in reality differ from the image. The fact that the product's appearance differs from the image is not a valid reason for a complaint unless the difference is significant.

It is not uncommon for manufacturers to redesign their products and we can not always keep the website updated with the latest product design. It also happens that the product images are completely digital representations of the products, i.e. no photographs. Sometimes we can show an image representing the same product but with a different size than the one indicated on the product name, the size stated in the product name is what you buy.


If a scent is different from what you have experienced before, it usually does not mean that there is something wrong with the scent. Perfume manufacturers occasionally reformulate some of their fragrances. This is due i.a. that chemicals used as fragrances are regularly banned at EU level. That a fragrance you bought does not smell as before due to a reformulation is not a valid reason for complaint.

If the smell has become bad due to age, it is always a valid reason for complaint.


Some of the products we sell have since long been discontinued, but due to high demand are still available from the supplier. This means that you can receive a product that is several years old in cases where it has stopped being manufactured many years ago.
We cannot be held responsible if you order a product that has been discontinued, and receive a product that was manufactured before it was discontinued. In these situations, it is your responsibility to find out if the product is still being manufactured, and make a decision if you wish to order it before placing the order. If an old product (whose quality clearly has deteriorated due to age) is sent out despite the fact that there are newly manufactured copies, this is a valid reason for a complaint.


Direct Card Payments: Payment can be made safely and secure directly by debit or credit card on our website. Stripe is the the company who processes the transactions.

PayPal: Payments with PayPal are always charged in SEK (Swedish Crowns), no matter what currency you see in the cart/checkout. Your bank will very likely apply a currency conversion fee in the range of around 1-5%, making your cost 1-5% higher.


We will ship your order within 1-2 business days if we currently have all the products in your order in stock. Delivery time will vary by country and will usually be 3-7 business days for. For some countries and in rare situations the delivery time can be up to 4 weeks.

Different shipping methods incurr different costs. You will able able to see each shipping method's cost at the checkout.

Standard Mail and Registered mail order are sent with PostNord in Sweden. In your country, your domestic postal service will handle the delivery. In the UK this is Royal Mail.

We are not able to deliver parcels to countries outside of Europe.

Refused deliveries

If you refuse to receive a delivery, ommit to pick it up, or if it is returned due to an incorrect address we have the right to charge you up to a maximum of £25, €25 or 225 SEK, depending of what our actual shipping cost was.

Customs / VAT on deliveries outside the EU

For shipments to countries outside the EU, any customs, VAT and other fees may be added to the shipment. This is beyond our control and we are not responsible for anything.

Receipt of shipment

You undertake to check upon receipt of the consignment that the outer packaging looks undamaged, and that the consignment does not appear to have been opened and resealed during delivery.

If the outer packaging is clearly damaged

If the outer packaging is clearly damaged and goods inside are suspected to have been damaged by this, or if the outer packaging appears to have been opened and re-closed during delivery, we ask you to photograph the shipment before it is opened. If you pick up the consignment from a post office, report the damage to the staff, and have the consignment weighed and the weight witnessed by staff at the post office.

If an item has obvious external damage

If an item has obvious external damage, or is completely destroyed, you must save the product, the product's packaging and the shipping packaging. Then contact us to complain. We can request photographs of the product and packaging and in some cases return of everything, including the shipping packaging.

If a perfume bottle or other glass bottle has been smashed, we want photographs on the bottom of the perfume bottle where the batch code appears and a photograph of the perfume packaging where the batch code appears, as well as a photograph on the outer packaging where all damage is visible and a photo where the entire consignment note is clearly visible.

You cannot receive compensation if you have thrown away the product or outer packaging or taken photographs.

Delayed or lost delivery

In rare cases, the delivery time from the day we send an order can be unusually long, up to 4 weeks. Such delays are entirely out of our control and we can not be held responsible for them. In rare cases, the package can disappear without any trace.
Our policy is to wait 4 weeks before we can consider that a shipment is lost in transit. Only after 4 weeks from the date we have shipped the order, we can perform a refund or send the order again.

If you have entered an incorrect address and the shipment for this reason do not reach you, we are not obliged to refund you or send your order again unless the shipment have been returned to us.

Cases where a shipment has been delayed by the post office within reasonable limits (and has not been confirmed as lost) is not a valid reason for complaint.

If the contents of a package are completely or partially missing, we have the right to send out a new package or a new product instead of a refund.

Return policy

When shopping at SwedishFace, you are entitled to cancel your order within 14 days after you have received the product(s). This provided the product(s) is essentially unchanged, ie, unused and not damaged. You are allowed to open the package and check the product(s) in such a way that does not damage the product or its packaging. Sealing may not be broken.

We do not offer free returns. The cost of the return, you must pay yourself.

You also have the right to cancel your order at any time before we ship the order. To inform you that you have regretted your purchase, please contact us.


You also have the right, insofar as it is practically possible without major inconvenience for us, to cancel an order before we have sent it, and after it has been sent but before you have received it.

If you cancel before we have sent, we will do our best to stop it from being sent, but we can not give any guarantee that we can or will have time. We do not charge a fee or demand any compensation for an order that you cancel before we have sent.


SwedishFace applies all the applicable Swedish and European consumer purschasing laws, which means that you have a three year right of complaint after you have received the product(s).



It is your responsibility as the customer to keep track of any allergies and sensitivities you may have. We are not responsible for personal allergies as a result of content in products. If you experience allergic symptoms due to a product you have ordered from us, contact our customer service email with pictures of the reaction. If we can judge that the reaction comes from the product that we have ordered, we give 50% of the money back as standard.



Swedish Face commits to refund any advance payment within 14 days from the day that you informed us that you want to cancel your order.

In cases of complaint, we undertake to reimburse the return shipping charges within 14 working days from the day we receive the complained product(s), if we can confirm that the product(s) were faulty in the first place.