Tom Ford

Thomas Carlyle Ford, better known as Tom Ford, works during the years 1990 to 2004 first at the fashion house Gucci and later at Yves Saint Laurent. In 2004 he goes on by basing his own clothing brand, which he baptizes Tom Ford. In addition, he has also made a career as a film director, and is often seen as a visual genius. Today he is internationally known by the name and brand Tom Ford, where he designs and produces clothing and accessories in haute couture and ready-to-wear. The brand has also released a number of perfumes. Tom Ford is known for its incredibly elegant and innovative style, which shines through all his creations.

In 2006 the first perfume from the brand Tom Ford is launched and this is named Black Orchid, aimed at women. The bottle for this perfume is in a simple design, with a rectangular base and a rounded lid, and the colors are black and gold. The same classic design has been used in most of the fragrances that the company launched. Black Orchid smells of citrus fruits, spices and chocolate. This blend of dull, tangy and spicy tones is used throughout the entire range. Among other things in the perfume Noir which is launched in 2012 and is aimed at men. Here you can find hints of chili, lime, nutmeg and rose, which gives an intense and breathable scent.

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