Trussardi is an Italian fashion house founded in 1911. From the outset, the fashion house was a company that made leather gloves. The range was increased to include a number of different products in leather and leather during the 1970 century when Nicola Trussardi took over the company after a family member. During the 1980 century, the company further developed to design and produce different clothes in ready-to-wear format. They also began to manufacture perfumes and jeans. During the 1990 century, Trussardi became an international company that was mainly successful in Italy and Japan. Trussardi is today a family business and is now one of the world's largest fashion houses with a wide range.

Trussardi launched its first perfume in 1983, named Trussardi Uomo for men. Trussardi Uomo scents of leather, honey and moss. Several versions of the perfume have been released since then, including Trussardi Uomo the Red for men from 2016, with the scent of cognac, nutmeg and tonka bean. They have also launched two perfumes with the name Trussardi jeans, Trussardi jeans for women from 2003 and Trussardi jeans but from 2004. Trussardi jeans for women smells of violet, heliotrope and musk while Trussardi jeans but smells blackcurrant, lychee and Fikonblad. Trussardi has also launched a uni-six perfume by the name scene of Gold from 2018. This perfume smells of plum, pipe tobacco and barn.

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