Gloria Vanderbilt

Gloria Vanderbilt is an American artist, author, actress and fashion designer, among others. She comes from a traditional family, and became known from the outset that the family in the 1930 century was undergoing a public brawl. Vanderbilt's mother and aunt were in a legal dispute over child custody and control of her inherited money. The dispute was called the trial of the century and was reported in the American News Feed. As an adult, Vanderbilt stood at his own feet and became well known by his work in fashion, perfumery and interior products. She was an early producer of jeans.

The first perfume was launched in 1982 and was named Vanderbilt for women. The perfume smelled of aldehyde, clove and tuberose. The male version was launched in 2000, with the name Vanderbilt for Men and scented of star anise, vanilla and violet. In 1996, Honeymoon for women was launched with the scent of tonka bean, musk and clove. In 2010, Miss Vanderbilt was launched with the scent of vanilla, Rose and Heliotrope and 2004, the perfume Eau de Luxe was launched with the scent of water, lily of the sea and Musk. All of Vanderbilt's perfumes are sensual, feminine and romantic with many flourishing notes and seductive names. One example is Reverie from 1999 with the scent of orchid, vanilla and tonka bean.

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